Trips, Slips and Falls

Premise liability is a law that protects personal injury cases when a property owner is negligent and does not maintain the upkeep to make their property safe.

Premesis Liability Attorneys in Hilton HeadOne of the most common types of personal injury in premise liability cases is due to a trip, slip or fall. Trips, slips and falls are a result of the condition of the property owner to keep the property safe and clean. Trips, slips and falls can include ativan buy online tripping over a rug, slipping on wet ground, tripping over an object left on the floor without a legitimate reason, or failure to place a warning sign.

At Berry & Carr, we have been representing clients in personal injury due to premise liability since 1985. We know how to negotiate with insurance companies and other at-fault parties to make sure you are covered through your injury and recovery process.