Nursing buy clomid online homes and assisted living facilities are obligated to have a prevention program in place to assess and prevent nursing home falls. Often times when a fall happens, nursing homes will try to blame the patient, saying they refused to call them while moving around. With prevention programs in place, nursing homes should have safety devices such as bed alarms, to prevent a person from getting up on their own.Hilton Head Nursing Home Lawyers

If you feel your loved one experienced a fall due to nursing home neglect, especially if this is the second or third time, contact us for help. Nursing homes are at fault if the nursing home was understaffed, failed to pay attention to the residents needs, the proper equipment was not available for the residents safety or the staff was not trained to handle the situation.

Berry & Carr has handled nursing home neglect cases for over 50 combined years as a personal injury and wrongful death attorney. We can work with insurance companies and nursing home facilities to get the financial coverage you deserve. Contact us today so we can see how we can help you.