Workers are entitled by law to a workplace free of illegal harassment by supervisors, coworkers, and others. At Berry & Carr we have an established reputation for helping to protect the rights of employees. Our employee discrimination attorneys provide aggressive representation and personal service to clients who have been subjected to employment discrimination and harassment, including cases involving:

Age DiscriminationWrongful Termination
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)Pregnancy Discrimination
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEOC)Prevailing Wage
Family and Medical Leave Act Religious Discrimination
Gender Discrimination Retaliation
Hostile Work EnvironmentSexual Harassment
National Origin DiscriminationUnemployment Hearings
Race DiscriminationWage and Hour Claims

Workplace discrimination based on religion, national origin, race, color, or sex is prohibited by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and South Carolina law. The Federal law’s prohibitions include harassment and other employment action based on affiliation or perceived affiliation with a particular group, association with a person or organization of a particular religion or ethnicity, and physical or cultural traits.

If you have been wrongfully terminated or believe you have suffered discrimination in hiring, promotion, job assignment, compensation and other areas, we will help you understand your rights and protect your job.

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