South Carolina law makes a dog owner or caretaker strictly liable for damages suffered by a person bitten or attacked unless it can be shown that the animal was provoked. Certain regulations such as leash laws help re-enforce the caretaker’s liability of their pet.

If you are the victim of a dog bite or other animal attack, your scars—both physical and mental—can be permanent. The trauma from an attack sometime never go away.

Dog and other animal bites can cause injuries ranging from a minor skin break resulting in a scar, to a wound that may require multiple surgeries to correct muscle, nerve and tissue damage. This can also alter a victim’s tadalafil tablets online physical appearance. Cosmetic services such as plastic surgery may be needed to restore the victim’s injuries and scars to normal appearance.

At Berry & Carr, we understand that recovering from a dog or other animal bite can be a lengthy and painful process. Our Hilton Head Island and Beaufort attorneys will fight to seek the justice you deserve. We have the experience and resources to thoroughly investigate the facts of your injury and determine whether claims can be made against the owner, his or her insurer and any potentially responsible third parties.

Often victims can recover compensation for:

 Medical Treatments Lost Wages
 Future Treatments Psychological Counseling

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