Medical Bills

Struggling with medical bills can be as difficult as recovering from an injury itself. Each year, over 1 million people suffer from brain injuries in the United States. Depending on recovery needed, rehabilitation at certain medical facilities can average $1,000 per day.

The victim at fault of any traumatic injury is responsible for paying a portion of the medical bills. When dealing with catastrophic injuries, the major conflict comes between the insurance parties of the victim and victim at fault. In most cases, the insurance party at fault will only agree on paying a certain amount of money for the damages pertaining to the accident.

Many brain and spinal cord injuries are caused by automobile accidents. If involved with an automobile accident, most insurance plans contain Personal Injury Protection (PIP).

In many cases, the coverage for all medical bills and expenses depends on insurance policies; including other variables involving the accident.

Do not walk away from a personal brain or spine injury without the coverage you deserve. Our attorneys in Beaufort and Hilton Head Island will fight for your compensation. At Berry & Carr, we have the experience you need to help with your personal injury case.