Loss of Income & Employment

Loss of income is defined as the amount of income that was lost due to sickness or personal injury. The amount of lost wages can be determined easier for people with traditional careers, as opposed to business owners or family-operated employees.

When verifying wages lost, victims must provide their most recent earnings; along with medical documentation that shows the victim’s time that they were unavailable to work.

This is not classified as a sick day, which is compensated by many businesses. As an employee, you have the option to be compensated for the amount of sick days that were lost.

When dealing with a report of lost wages, insurance companies can create conflict while providing the correct work files and records relevant to your personal injury. Having an attorney helps when complying with insurance companies and other attorneys to receive compensation.

A loss of income means there is a loss of time at work, which can jeopardize a victim’s career. Depending on how severe the injury is, victims may loose their job. At Berry & Carr, we know how to comply with insurance companies and get the compensation you deserve. Our attorneys on Hilton Head Island have been working with personal injury cases for over 30 years and will bring justice to your case.