Improper Boat and Dock Maintenance

Maintaining your boat and dock means keeping everyone around you safe. Hilton Head Island and South Carolina waterways are maintained to ensure safety for all passengers.

There are many regulations pertaining to maintaining and building a dock for personal watercrafts. When a dock is built, it should withstand repairs for up to 15 years; discounting a natural disaster occurring.

With high boating traffic, it is important that docks are maintained on Hilton Head Island waterways. Failure to comply with dock maintenance and regulations can result in losing a docking permit.

Docks are restricted from being built in certain locations containing natural habitats such as oysters beds. The dock must also not conflict with access in and out of the state waterways in South Carolina. If you or someone you know wants to expand the size of a dock, you must request and receive a permit from the office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management.

Boat maintenance is crucial to safety. The boat operator should regularly examine the personal watercraft to assure the equipment functions properly. It is important to keep the boat engine maintained to prevent oil leaks from occurring. This is performed by checking for any fuel leaks coming from the fuel tank, fuel lines and carburetor.

When transporting watercraft, boating trailers should be inspected to have the watercraft properly mounted. All boats that are docked should be well-secure from interfering with harming any other docked watercrafts.

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